Feb 25, 2012

Winter Wagon?

Well, been a long long time since I updated my blog. I apologize to those who wait for new materials on my blog. I want to thank you for your support and encouragement that keeps me going, be it one post a month (wink!) Here are some snaps I took during my winter vacation in Florida. I promise I will update more snaps from my memory card soon. Enjoy these pictures till then! 

[Yup, they claim to be the world's most famous beach! Well, they let us drive by the beach- so I wasn't complaining ;) ]

[People did anything and everything to make sure they captured their vacation moments. I enjoyed taking their pictures ;)]  
[Well, all I can say is- he was too excited to be in the water! And, that's our brother :D ]

[I have done this once, and absolutely loved it. This time, I wished it was me in that picture. ]

Well, I hope you enjoyed going through the pictures. Some more coming up, I promise! 


  1. Upload some more photos... Still hungry! ;)

  2. good blogging
    nice photo collaction